Monday, November 16, 2009

weekend loop

This weekend was biz-EEE! I was up most the night Friday happily finishing the props for my first prop styling gig with the magnificent small magazine. Early Saturday morning I loaded the car with all my handmade and salvaged goodies as well as my little girl and we left for the photo shoot. The shoot was especially nice because my youngest and blondest girl got to be in some shots as well. (I'll post more about the shoot post production). After the shoot I headed to my local park to set up for my church's chili cook off and as soon as the sun set we were off to watch my oldest and most dramatic girl sing and play in her first open mic night downtown. And now it's Monday!

Here's a wrap-up of some of my favorite things from my favorite blogs from last week.

From Dress Design Decor, I could spend a whole day/ week /month finding & consuming dessert based on design.

The style files posted on Pinch and I love-luv-love their furniture, style, look, everything...especially the lighting.

From Dezeen, I'm so impressed with this memorial called the Tree of Knowledge by m3architecture out of Australia (what did I tell you about them monopolizing cool). I'm convinced that we need more memorials everywhere. What a fantastic way to employ artists and infused more art and design (with cultural and historical significance) into our cities and our lives.

Design sponge posted about Annie Coggan and her Eudora Welty’s garden yellow chair. So inspiring, I love it! The chair is part of a series and I can't wait to see the rest. I started a fabric based design on my great grandmother's chair from the late 1800's about a year ago. This week I'm determined to do some chair work of my own!