Tuesday, November 17, 2009

nest -- books

For me much of my craving for home/interior design is satiated by our local library.
I can rarely get my hubby to go with me because he is somewhat embarrassed by the amount of books I try to check out. Between my stack of home/design/art books and my girls stack-o-books, it is a small production to get out the door and to the car. I have found some of my all time favorite interior books via the library and I want to share my number one pick...

Home (British version) or The Family at Home: Love. Life. Style (US version) by Anita Kaushal. I have the British version because I lived in London during college for four months and therefore consider myself at least half British and heir to whatever coolness they produce.

I love her undecorated, livable yet beautiful and meaningful style. This book is my token wedding present, I wish I would of had it from the beginning. I LOVE this book. Please check it out.

This is a peek inside Anita's home.

Speaking of books...last week on Man Shops Globe they found some beautiful recovered books from the 1920's which got me thinking about covering some more of our favorites.

I like these cloth covered notebooks from Toast.

Here is a little project my girls and I did for their dad for Christmas last year. One of his favorite books is Brothers Karamazov. I told the girls the story had three Russian brothers and a priest in it and to draw something along those lines. I enlarged a photocopy of Russian text and found some images of old Karamazov covers and this is what we came up with...

It was a fun gift to work on together and my hubby loved it.

Oh and here is a peek at the photo shoot. Have a great Monday!