Friday, November 6, 2009

a few of my favorite things...da da..da da

This blog has been a long time coming for me. Although I'll miss the ability to imagine how cool my blog would be, the hope is that having a place to park all my favorite ideas and images will serve to organize the pictures and projects scattered through my files. I hope you will enjoy my attempt to organize and record the things that inspire me.

I love the pattern, the stools, the short table and the tall lamp. via the design files

Modern chairs, exposed brick and a kitchen that looks randomly installed--love it.
via desire to inspire

Repurposed modern from Man Shops Globe.
The Holland/Belgium episode was sooo inspiring to me.

I love this wallpapered and tidy closet (mine in neither unfortunately). via domino

Egon Schiele--you died too young

Unfortunately I'm not sure where this image is from but I love a simple kitchen and chalkboard paint.

Tim Walker's fantastical photography.

This one...basically everything about it captures me. via desire to inspire

I love a room lit by natural light and the silhouette of leaves and trees. I'm also big on subway tile, white bead board, and tiny toes peeking over a deep tub.

Texas's own mixed media master Robert Rauschenberg

Perfect outdoor setting for a long drawn-out delicious meal with old friends.
This image as well as the next one are from an unknown source.

Deconstructed, repurposed furniture--so cool.

White and gray are somewhat of an obsession for me. As well as simple and weathered.