Wednesday, November 11, 2009


The explore part of this blog is to help me satisfy my need to discover new places, find treasures and taste new fares. Exploring does not always have to incorporate food, but let’s be honest, everything turns out better if it does. Today I’ve got some serious mid-morning, mid-week cravings (not to be confused with a midday mid-week craving, that's later today) and wouldn’t mind being in NYC to stop by these two spots with my girls.

sign me up for the Sweetiepig--sponge cake, whipped cream, bananas, strawberries, 18 scoops of ice cream.


This place is "practically perfect in every way"--Mary Poppins

I wonder if they get people trying to cozy up and call it home.

Thank you wonderful and creative moomah people. I would love to open a moomah right here in Texas.

Alas, I'm most likely to stop into this little gem of shop a few miles from my house for a wild and crazy after school snack.

Worth a trip to Texas? Well...I'm the kind of person who as driven 100 plus miles for a slice of pie (and I'd do it again)--so the answer is yep.