Friday, November 20, 2009

friday -- my architect

After yesterday's post I was thinking about what turned me onto architecture. First hubby, he isn't an architect but should be (he is the one with the initial and greatest architectural interest). Second... another great documentary, My Architect.

After seeing this film and getting a sense of the passion and artistry of Louis Kahn and his work I went to one of his buildings, the Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth, Texas. Through the film, I was made aware of details within architecture in general as well as the specific space of the Kimbell. When I was standing inside and outside of the Kimbell, reflecting on the different aspects of light, space and line that were previously unknown to me, I was completely amazed by the beauty and complexity of the structure and the space that it created.

Rent the fabulously made movie + go to the amazing place = blow your mind.
Even if you can't visit a Kahn building, the film (made by Kahn's son) stands alone as a great experience.

More interesting architecty viewing, Sundance channel's Architecture School. I really enjoyed watching the students and the process of design and construction.

from the website..."The show follows a group of students at Tulane University's prestigious School of Architecture as they submit competing designs for an affordable home in Katrina-battered New Orleans. The winning model will be built during the course of the school year and put up for sale, enabling one fledgling architect to begin his or her career with a high-profile splash."

I hope you get to watch or read something interesting this weekend, have a great one.