Friday, December 4, 2009

friday fleas

Some think Dallas is all cowboys, big hair and big boobs but the truth is...we have fleas. Dallas has multiple cool fleas but this Saturday there's a brand new flea in town and it's curated by a newly transplanted Brooklynite who is bringing Dallas a much wanted Brooklynish-flavored-spread of vendors. I've long wanted to visit the Brooklyn Flea, known for its gifted artist and designers. Sometimes I'm even smart enough to do some virtual Brooklyn Flea shopping from it's vendors that have online shops, which if you are not a Dallasite can do the same here for the Dallas Flea. I'm hoping to wrap up all my holiday shopping with unique flea-style gifts tomorrow. Here are a few of the vendors I'm excited to see... click on the pics to get to their websites.

again & again

little bean

one up designs

gypsy wagon

julie michel designs

petit four designs

three bishops