Wednesday, December 16, 2009

cool kids

When I was looking around the Paumes website yesterday I discovered that they are the publishers of another one of my favorite design books, cool kid's rooms.

This book details the rooms of Parisian artists' children. Each entry show the parents trade (artist, fashion designer, interior designer, etc) and the child's name and age. I love the eclectic, unplanned, treasure-driven approach these rooms have. Some are cluttered, some are simple but they are all so real, living and beautiful.
So...guess what I found out, Paumes has TONS of beautiful books with the same artistic direction and I'm dying to get a copy of them. The only hiccup, cool kid's rooms is the only book they publish in English, everything else is in Japanese. Oh well, I still think the pictures are worth it. For example...
Despite anxious nights, preparing bottles and changing nappies, or living under the stress of preparing baby's imminent arrival, some parents still find time to create wonderful gifts for their tiny ones! It seems that expecting a child or becoming a parent stimulates creative energies within families, what could be more beautiful than designing and producing one's own unique and personal gift for one's child?