Thursday, December 3, 2009

design--random goods

My favorite computer-nerd/photographer/annoyingly-long-distance-runner big brother sent me an interesting interview of Dieter Rams, the german industrial designer. Rams has designed for Braun and many of his designs (coffee makers, calculators, radios, audio/visual equipment, consumer appliances and office products) have found a permanent home at many museums all around the world. This article, "Simplicity, Purity and Openness," highlights Rams "less, but better" approach.

"I feel that as the world continues to fill with clutter at such a disconcerting pace, good design has the task of being quiet and helping people generate a level of calm that allows them to be themselves." --Deiter Rams

Here are a few designs that calm me...

this and the next two images from nest dreaming

this and the next two images via Studio Aandacht

From Arch Daily, Lofts at Cheokee Studios in L.A. I love homes that can open and close.
view from inside the lofts
Now say Dieter four or five times with your best german huh (probably only fun it you aren't german).