Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I seem to always go through a nesting phase during May while I'm preparing to have my girls home for the summer. I've been busily cleaning out the attic and all our little closets trying to get my life a little more organized so that I can relax and enjoy my summer with the girls. While rummaging though my stuff I found sooo many half-baked projects that I'm currently on a kick to finish the many things I've started--for the sake of order in my home and my head. So this weekend my youngest and I recovered our sorry looking bathroom stool with color copies from one of their favorite books, This Is Texas by M. Sasek.

Some other random images I like...
I had a somewhat graffitied wall in my bedroom through my teenage years so this headboard feels like home to me.

oh white-quiet-book-laden-widowed-nook wanna hang out?
images via living agency