Thursday, February 25, 2010


I love great movies in general, but I luv-luv a good documentary. There isn't anything as fascinating to me as real life, with all the beauties, hardships, loves and perspectives that come along with it. I watched two wonderful documentaries this week but the one that fit most perfectly into my current happenings is Helvetica by Gary Hustwit (I also dig his other documentary Objectified but that's a post for another day). The beginning of this week I finished up copy-editing for Small. When I first started working as a graphic artist I worked at a wee publishing company and ended up editing here and there as well as designing. Putting back on that text-obsessed hat reminded me how much I enjoy graphic design and the whole production process and then, on top of that, watching Helvetica put me in pure design-loving mode. This film is about "typography, graphic design and global visual culture." I really appreciated being introduced to the different designers and listening to their comments.

Here are a few of the designers from the film that I enjoyed...


Paula Scher